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  1. Heartbreaking. Everyone at GROW was made redundant (#COVID19). I'm so proud of the work we did & the team we built 💪 Let's talk! I'm a Front End Engineer w/ a design background. Passionate about building great products and growing excellent teams. Links below, RT appreciated 💜
  2. When people don't write code comments or say that "code should be self-documenting", it's an instant red flag to me. 🧵Thread 👇 This means that they:
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    Don't treat your colleagues like compilers 🙅‍♂️ Write your code for humans — you aren't going to "lose points" if you leave helpful hints or little breadcrumbs to indicate how and why you've done things a certain way.
  4. Some people see this as a negative. Junior developers should see this as an opportunity. Become the best in your team at some bleeding-edge CSS while others are grumbling about how they just got their head around flexbox @meyerweb/929097712754098181
  5. Duolingo is quite possibly the best thing to come out of “the app era”. Delightful product, genuinely useful, encourages learning, the free offering is so good that you *want* to pay. Well done everyone at @duolingo honestly, you should be proud. Not many products are like this
  6. First-time entrepreneurs are always mortally afraid of someone stealing their idea. They genuinely don’t realise that ideas are cheap, execution is everything.
  7. Likewise... Should engineers design? It’s up to them. Should engineering *teams* design? Definitely. @markdalgleish/921088233668251648
  8. I just published a little reflection on the amazingly welcoming, warm and positive experience that was @cssconfau / @JSConfAU 2018. Thank you so much to the team behind the magic! ✨ #cssconfau18 #jsconfau18 medium.com/@lol_russo/8-things-that-cssconf-and-jsconf-au-got-really-really-right-cf514ed4a6f7
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    • Can't empathise with new devs (juniors or people new to the code base) • Don't understand that code alone can only tell a fraction of the story (ie. who, what, when — never WHY) • Will be lacking in communication skills in all the other situations you need to work with them
  10. Sometimes, what you need is a spreadsheet, not an app... 🙊
  11. let australianPromise = new Promise( (yeah, nah) => { ... } );
  12. If you’re a junior developer who wants to show initiative or make a meaningful contribution to a project you’re working on, here is a repeatable procedure that has real impact (and you’ll learn, too!) Let’s run a basic ✨#accessibility audit✨ Thread 👇🏼 #a11y
  13. If you’re a Sydney designer or developer who wants to start going to meet ups but is worried about not knowing anyone, or just wants to meet others in the space, my DMs are always open and I’m always down for coffee! Let’s be friends ☺️☕️
  14. When you get the chance, you should check out the Inclusive Design toolkit from @Microsoft / @MicrosoftDesign. microsoft.com/en-us/Design/inclusive#toolkit
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  15. I have some exciting news! I will be joining the @Atlassian Design System team next week ☺️ It feels great to join a team and a company that I’ve always admired. Can’t wait to get started 🎉
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
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    @LoreSleeper @Lewchube Like a McDonalds on the highway
  17. Not interested in the metaverse. Not interested in VR. Not interested in web3. Honestly barely even interested in computers; they’re just a tool. It’s all about people and places and experiences in the real world for me. I do not want a future where I’m _more_ online
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    This thread brought to you by a dude trying to detangle some very confusing "self-documenting" code 🙃
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  20. Bro, YOUR name is Michael. My name is Jack
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  21. Hello, world 🌍 Today I kick off ~6 months of travel with my girlfriend. I've felt so much build-up to this and I can't really believe it's finally here. I'm excited but I'm nervous as fuck 🙈 Let's do this!
  22. I got a promotion at work 🥺✨ such a nice feeling, pretty great way to head into a long weekend 🍻